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According to a report by the British Financial Times on Sunday, it was reported that China’s hypersonic weapon test in July demonstrated a technological leap that challenged physics.

According to a report by the Financial Times on Sunday, scientists at the Pentagon’s DARPA Research Institute are apparently still trying to figure out how China’s hypersonic gliding vehicle (HGV), a mobile spacecraft with nuclear capabilities, can launch another during flight. Missiles.

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The general explains why the U.S. lags behind China and Russia in hypersonic missiles

The document pointed out that no other country has demonstrated this capability, and military experts have not reached a consensus on the purpose of missile launching into the South China Sea. Some people obviously think this is an air-to-air projectile, while others think it is a measure against a missile defense system that targets HGV.

At the same time, the National Security Council said it was preparing “Defend and deter a series of threats.” An unnamed spokesperson for the White House agency told the newspaper that the advance payment should be “About… all those who seek peace and stability in this region and beyond.”

China has consistently denied reports of hypersonic weapon tests, insisting that the July launch was a routine test of reusable spacecraft.Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy, ​​told the Financial Times that this is “I didn’t realize it” Missile test.

We are not interested in an arms race with other countries at all. In recent years, the United States has been fabricating the “China Threat Theory” and other excuses to justify its military expansion and the development of hypersonic weapons.

In the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milly described China’s weapons tests as near “Sputnik Time” Last month, U.S. officials publicly expressed concern about the gap in the capabilities of China and the United States in hypersonic weapons.Last weekend, a senior general of the U.S. Space Force warned that some “Catch up and do it quickly” Hypersonic weapons programs with China and Russia.

Last month, a Russian submarine successfully tested a zircon hypersonic missile — the missile is considered cutting-edge technology because the missile’s high speed and ability to change direction during flight make it almost impossible to track and intercept.

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