China to appoint Horn of Africa special envoy in Ethiopia crisis

Chinese Foreign Minister said China will appoint a special envoy for the Horn of Africa region

The announcement came when Jeffrey Feltman, the US special envoy for the Horn of Africa, visited Ethiopia again, hoping to use the relative calming period of the conflict in the country to promote a ceasefire and a road to peace.

The United States has indicated that Feltman will meet with senior officials. Washington sees Kenya as an important partner in mediation efforts.

The Chinese envoy’s announcement was made after Wang’s visit to Eritrea, which is adjacent to Ethiopia and accused of committing some of the most serious atrocities in the Tigray conflict. There, Wang criticized the recent US sanctions imposed on the role of the Eritrean army and the ruling party in the war.

The Chinese Foreign Minister did not name by name on Thursday, saying that the conflict in the Horn of Africa has hindered the region’s “huge potential for development” and that “this situation should not be allowed to continue.”

He also urged the countries in the Horn of Africa to “resolve racial, religious and regional differences in an African way.”

China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, partly because it hinders other members from seeking action against the Ethiopian war.

It is estimated that this war has killed tens of thousands of people and caused a huge humanitarian crisis. Since late June, the government has blocked the Tigray area.

Witnesses, lawyers, and human rights organizations stated that thousands of Tigray were detained, while the Ethiopian government stated that it was targeting people suspected of supporting the Tigray army.