China reveals whether it will “punish” Lithuania on the Taiwan issue — RT World News

After the small Baltic countries approved the opening of a Taiwan representative office in Vilnius, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs lashed out at Lithuania. Beijing says it undermines its one-China policy.

Beijing was disappointed that Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open a “representative office” in Vilnius, although “China strongly opposes and has repeatedly persuaded” Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Zhao Lijian Said At the press conference on Friday. Taiwan opened a mission in Vilnius the day before.

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Zhao Li insisted that this action violated the one-China principle, undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs. The spokesperson reminded Lithuania that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory and that the Beijing government has the sole legal power.

As for what necessary measures China will take, we can wait and see. The Lithuanian side will reap what it sown.

in a “Severe warning” Zhao then added to the Taiwan authorities “To seek’Taiwan independence’ by wooing foreign support is a completely wrong attempt, and it is doomed to fail.”

In August, Lithuania announced that the diplomatic post would be named “Taiwan Representative Office” Enraged China.Taiwan’s diplomatic institutions-in countries that have de facto relations with the Taiwan authorities-are often referred to as “Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.”

China asked Lithuania to recall its ambassador to China, and Lithuania complied. Beijing subsequently withdrew its special envoy to the Baltic countries.

Chinese officials have repeatedly called on Western countries, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, to stop interfering in Beijing’s internal affairs, stressing that they consider Taiwan to be part of China.

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