China opens its first “robot store” in Europe opened two physical stores called Ochama in the Netherlands. The Chinese e-commerce giant said that these stores will have no cashiers, and robots can help pick and sort items.


Chinese e-commerce giant Jingdong Two retail stores have been opened in the Netherlands, which are said to be equipped with robots to prepare and deliver packages.

The “Robot Store” under the Ochama brand is located in Leiden and Rotterdam, marking’s first foray into Europe and the opening of physical stores. It highlights the Chinese giant’s ambitions to expand outside China. said that shoppers can use the Ochama app to order products from food to beauty and household products. Then they can go to the store, where automated vehicles and robotic arms will pick and sort orders. When shoppers arrive at the store, they can scan the barcode on their app, and their order will be shipped to them via a conveyor belt.

Orders can also be shipped.’s entry into Europe marks the beginning of potential challenges facing U.S. e-commerce giants Amazon, Has launched its own A cashierless grocery store called Amazon Go inside U.S. and U.K..

The Chinese e-commerce company said it plans to open two more stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Ochama stores combine JD’s focus on logistics and e-commerce.In China, the company Run your own logistics department It also plans to expand internationally. also runs a huge e-commerce business in the world’s second largest economy.

Most of JD’s revenue still comes from China, but in recent years, it has expanded its overseas business. The company operates an online shopping site called for international customers. It owns an e-commerce joint venture in Thailand and is the largest shareholder of Tiki, a Vietnamese shopping platform.