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In dropping the 1928 font on its logo, the group followed the BBC

Prominent charity Save the Children has announced it will drop its company’s Gill Sans font because it was designed by pedophile artist Eric Gill.

Gill was one of the most famous British artists, sculptors and designers of the first half of the 20th century, was an associate professor at the Royal Academy of Arts and was appointed a Royal Industrial Designer. He designed several war memorials and sculptures for some of the UK’s iconic buildings, and in 1928 created one of the most popular typographic types. Nearly 50 years after his death, however, his personal reputation was ruined: a blockbuster 1989 biography, backed by Jill’s own diary, exposed the sexual abuse of his daughters, sisters and even a dog .

Every child, everywhere, deserves to grow up with safety and support.Following last year’s global brand review, we no longer use Gill Sans font,” British media quoted a Save the Children spokesman as saying, without elaborating on the details of the decision.

Despite the charity’s 2016 guidelines for the continued use of the Gill Sans font, Save the Children said it had decided to drop the font last year. It has even found alternative fonts since then, as the group emphasizes,”Align with our values“And it’s free.

After months of research on fonts we can use in all formats, our new fonts Oswald and Lato are launching this year,” announced Save the Children. The charity’s decision follows the BBC’s “cancellation” of Gill Sans in October last year. The change is part of a wider overhaul of the company’s logo and style, which was due to the BBC The person in charge intends to “modernization“A cross-platform viewer experience.

Despite this, the company dropped Gill’s typeface, but has so far resisted calls to remove Gill’s statues, Prospero and Ariel, from the broadcaster’s facade. Petition calls for removal of “Sculpture depicting naked children by famous pedophile Eric Gillhas received 2,762 signatures. The sculpture was vandalized with a hammer by a protester earlier this week.

Responding to the incident and calls for the statue to be removed, the BBC said Ariel from Shakespeare’s The Tempest “was” when the statue was put into service.Seen as an appropriate symbol of a new dawn in broadcasting. “

Emphasize”The BBC does not condone the views or actions of Eric Gill,” and about “Can you separate the artist’s work from the art itself“It’s a good thing, but the company doesn’t think damage to art is the right way to solve these problems.

This logic is likely to be shared by many companies that continue to use the Gill font. Based on Edward Johnston’s 1916 “The Underground Alphabet”, Gill Sans has been used by British Airways, Penguin Books, John Lewis and even the Church of England. Gill’s font is also the system font in Mac and Microsoft Office.

Save the Children’s decision to cancel the font has been criticized by many, with some social media users arguing that the font has nothing to do with its creator’s biography.

Why did Save the Children not decide to take this step until 2022? Its “awakening” culture goes crazy,‘ one of the commenters wrote on Twitter.

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