Chicago teachers shut down face-to-face classes — RT World News

The mayor’s office insists that she is “doing her best” to get the children back to school-including threatening teachers’ salaries

The Chicago Teachers’ Union voted to close face-to-face classes, insisting that the proliferation of Covid-19 cases has made schools unsafe, while school board officials warned that the suspension is equivalent to an illegal strike.

Although Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Pedro Martinez admitted on Tuesday that if the union votes for distance learning and chooses not to attend, classes will not be held on Wednesday, but he insisted that the school buildings will be open to welcome teachers and students Come to the classroom-there may not be any courses there.

If they vote on strike tomorrow, I must cancel the course,” Martinez said earlier on Tuesday.”I will not close the school. School is about to start. Therefore, all faculty and staff are welcome to come to the school again, because we will make a plan for our family.I won’t let our parents down. “

Voting to stop going to work will cause far-reaching harm to children’s learning and health, as well as another devastating blow to the well-being of our students and their families,” CPS warned.

CPS officials condemned any possible union voting to authorize remote orders beginning on Wednesday as “Illegal strike. “On the other hand, the union issued a memo to teachers informing them that January 18 will be the second day of face-to-face classes.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot sided with CPS and declared that the union has no right to unilaterally cancel courses. “This [Chicago Teachers Union] No decision will be made on how our CPS system works. The CEO did this.He is the boss“She told reporters on Tuesday when asked whether the school will switch to distance learning if teachers stop attending school.

Lightford called on teachers on Twitter “Show up at your school” because”Your child needs you,” insisted that the government is following the guidance of its own public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control. After the union voted, she threatened to withhold the salaries of teachers who were not working.

The union insists that although its members “Understand the frustration of tonight’s decision“They need the mayor and CPS leadership”Finally, we commit to enforceable security protection centered on the well-being of our students, their families and our school community.“About 73% of them voted for remote work. They asked the government to conduct general PCR tests on students and faculty during the holidays, or switch to remote learning.

Only six Chicago residents under the age of 17 own It is said that Since the beginning of the pandemic, Covid-19 deaths have been a small fraction of the 6,254 deaths recorded as of Tuesday. The general consensus among scientists is that although omicron variants are contagious, they are not as deadly as their predecessors.

Covid-19 cases in Chicago have reached the highest level since the pandemic began, and the city has implemented strict vaccination regulations that prohibit adults and children from entering restaurants and entertainment venues unless they are vaccinated. Like other city workers, Chicago Board of Education employees and teachers have been required to be vaccinated or obtain religious or medical exemptions to work since October; however, the school system has not yet imposed such authorization on its student groups.