Changing lives with nature-global issues

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So-called “nature-based solutions” are an important factor in tackling the climate crisis, but they also play an important role in tackling other challenges, from food security to health and sustainable development.

Irrigation schemes enable small farmers, especially women and young people, to have greater access to water.

United Nations Agricultural Development Agency, IFAD, Supporting many nature-based initiatives around the world that are helping smallholder farmers adapt to the changing climate, increase their resilience to shocks, and change the lives of rural people.

These areas include the rotation of pastures in Tajikistan to prevent overgrazing; the reforestation of mangroves in Gambia, which strengthens the local ecosystem and increases biodiversity; and the soil fertility project in Laos, which is increasing food production for the community.

Learn more about the scope of IFAD’s work in this field, here.

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