Challenges supported by the World Food Programme to promote food systems in Rwanda and beyond-global issues

IGNITE Food System Challenge coming Due to increased conflict, climate change, natural disasters and Coronavirus disease Pandemic.

Technical support and financing totaling US$300,000 will be provided to help start-ups, cooperatives, and small and medium-sized enterprises expand locally-driven solutions, contribute to the economy and address different gaps in the supply of nutritious food.

Reach out to talented entrepreneurs

The plan is the United Nations World Food Program (World Food Program) And Impact Hub Kigali, which provides resources to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, such as incubation programs and training camps.

These partners are supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), particularly its Humanitarian Affairs Bureau and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The initiative will be carried out simultaneously in Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda, and will be implemented with the support of US$2 million from the United States Agency for International Development.

“For many entrepreneurs in East Africa, the biggest challenge is not only to obtain funding, but also technical support to advance their concepts,” Said Jeremie PigĂ©, head of the WFP IGNITE East Africa Innovation Center.

“Through the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development, we believe that we will be able to reach many smart entrepreneurs in the region who may be left behind.”

Provide tailor-made support

IGNITE food system challenges seek innovative solutions to promote food security in areas such as resisting shocks and pressures, obtaining safe and nutritious food, improving the food supply chain, empowering smallholder farmers, and promoting food security for all.

The deadline for applications is February 4.

Winners will get Up to $50,000 in grants and six months of “accelerated support”, Including contacts with experts, mentors and partners, as well as other support to resolve business gaps.

“Through the IGNITE Food System Challenge, we will provide local entrepreneurs with tailored support to expand their influence in the Rwanda food system,” said Mafer Betancourt, Managing Director of Impact Hub Kigali.

“Venture capital will be diagnosed at the beginning of the program and will be able to jointly design their own accelerated journey to show the support they need, from guidance to peer and expert support, such as legal or accounting services.”