Carlson called Cruz a liar because he called the congressional rioters “terrorists”-Action News Now

On Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was questioned by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. In his comments, he described the January 6th Capitol storm as a “violent terrorist attack.”

Cruz condemned those who broke into the Capitol and paid tribute to law enforcement officials when speaking in the Senate “Unbelievable courage” At a hearing with the US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger on Wednesday.

However, the famous right-wing television host did not appreciate Cruz’s description of the thug who stormed the Capitol.

Carlson said in an on-site interview with the senator: “You never use words carelessly, but you call this a terrorist attack, and this is not a terrorist attack at all. This is a lie. You lied on purpose, and I want to know why you did it.”

Cruz bent back and admitted, “My wording yesterday was sloppy, frankly stupid.”

But before he could finish speaking, Carlson interrupted him, claiming that he did not believe the senator’s explanation, that he had known him for a long time, and implied that he would not accidentally say such careless words.

Cruz continued to reiterate that his words were inappropriate and claimed that he often used the term “terrorist” to describe people who attacked police.

Carlson never let things go, he claimed that Cruz used “terrorist” used to be “play until” The ability of the left to characterize mobs “Foreign Combatants” And they tried to “distort“A narrative of what happened on January 6.

senator follow On Twitter, claiming that he has “Used stupid language.”

Thursday was the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol. During this period, 5 people including a policeman were killed and dozens of law enforcement officers were injured. After the attack, four policemen committed suicide.

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