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If you’re enjoying a variety of winters this summer, you may need to step up your efforts to fully enjoy the third annual Canadian Beer Day this fall.

The third round of this year’s national event, October 6, is dedicated to recognizing the Canadian beer and wine industry and the “positive effects on our lives,” according to Beer Canada organizers.

In addition to morning cleaning work, beer production and sales support approximately 149,000 jobs in Canada’s agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and hospitality sectors. More than 19,000 people work in 1,200 breweries of various sizes across the country, producing 85% of the beer used in the country.

“Beer brings Canadians together and has been part of our country’s culture and communities for generations,” Dana Miller, Beer Canada’s director of communications, said in a release.

“The last 16 months have been a difficult time for Canadians and businesses, especially for hospitality, and the role of beer in bringing friends and family together is becoming more important than ever.”

He invited his whistleblowers to “pick up a glass for #CheersAgain on this #CDNBeerDay.”

Beer Canada, which has been operating since 1943, has a membership of 90% Canadian beer producers.

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