British Boris Johnson faces rebellion because of his leadership

On November 22, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

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London-You know, when a reporter has to ask: “Is everything all right?”, the Prime Minister can cause a sensation.

But this is exactly what happened after British leader Boris Johnson gave a speech to CBI, the largest industry lobby in the UK, on ​​Monday.

The reason that prompted an ITV journalist to ask about Johnson’s recent situation was that the Prime Minister gave a rambling and sometimes disorganized speech in which he seemed to lose his way, flipped through his notes awkwardly, and then continued to speak. Tangent about the advantages of Peppa Pig’s World.

Johnson told business leaders at the Confederation of British Industry meeting that he had been to the Peppa Pig theme park, which was adapted from a successful global children’s television program, “a place that suits me very well.”

Have you been to Peppa Pig World?

A transcript of Johnson’s speech released on Downing Street on Tuesday shows that the Prime Minister tried to illustrate the success of Peppa Pig, a British creation that later became world-famous as an example of “invention and creation.” The power of British business. “

“I’m going, we all have to go to Peppa Pig World. If you have been to Peppa Pig World, please raise your hand?” Johnson asked the audience and pointed out in their responses that it was “not enough.”

“I am a bit vague about what I found in Peppa Pig World, but I like it. Peppa Pig World is my favorite place. Its streets are very safe. The school is disciplined. The new public transportation system is very important, and I noticed it. Even though. They have a bit of a stereotype about Daddy Pig,” he said, making the audience laugh.

“But for me, the real lesson of going to Peppa Pig’s World is about the power of British creativity. Who would believe that Tony, a pig that looks like a hair dryer, or maybe a hair dryer like Picasso, a The pig was rejected by the BBC and will now be exported to 180 countries. There are theme parks in the United States and China and the New Forest,” Johnson said, noting that the business is worth at least £6 billion (US$8 billion) to the United Kingdom

This photo taken on January 21, 2019 shows a woman walking past the Peppa Pig movie poster in a theater in Beijing.

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“I think this is pure genius, isn’t it? There is no government in the world, there is no Whitehall civil servant in the world, and it is conceivable that Page will come up with Page,” Johnson said.

The British Prime Minister is known for his often eccentric wit, and some would say that he likes to do publicity stunts-Johnson dangling from a zipline during the 2012 London Olympics is an unforgettable example.

But the tangent to Peppa Pig and the loss of his notes caused confusion and severe reactions in the British media and political circles.

Hold the power supply tightly

Johnson’s speech was called “chaos” by a “Senior Downing Street source” quoted by the Daily Mail. Although a minister told the City AM newspaper that his speech was “shocking” and reminiscent of the clumsy TV character Mr. Bean.

The left-leaning Guardian described the speech as “bizarre” and pointed out that it exacerbated Johnson’s Conservative Party’s growing frustration with his control of power.

The newspaper pointed out that after the prime minister gave an endless speech to business leaders and was accused of losing control of a range of key policies from social care to railways, senior lawmakers were increasingly concerned about the prime minister’s “ability and motivation.”

Johnson’s gaffe at the CBI meeting is the latest incident that has harmed the Prime Minister’s office in recent weeks. The government’s proposal to reform the country’s social welfare system has also been highly criticized, and it has also decided to amend and reduce the planned railway infrastructure improvement project for northern England.

In addition, as thousands of immigrants try to reach the British coast by boat, the government promised to “re-control” immigrants once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, which sounds increasingly hollow.

Johnson has also come under fire for handling the “despicable” disputes surrounding congressmen and whether they should be allowed to take up a second job.

Last week, he succumbed to pressure and proposed prohibiting lawmakers from acting as “paid political advisers or lobbyists,” but his handling of the situation and his attitude to the matter made him bored with his leadership.

Since the summer, Johnson’s approval rating has been declining. The latest readings from monthly YouGov polls Of British adults found that 64% thought Johnson’s performance as prime minister was “bad”, while only 29% thought he did a good job, and 7% said they didn’t know.


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