Britain will tackle homophobic “past mistakes”-Action News Now

The British government will clear the criminal records of individuals convicted of voluntary homosexual activities in accordance with the now-repealed law

The UK Home Office will pass new legislation aimed at correcting “past mistakes” to remove the criminal records of individuals convicted under the repealed laws, which make it illegal for consensual homosexual activities.

Amendments to police, crime, sentencing, and court bills will expand the government’s disregard and pardon programs. The new legislation will cover any civil or military crimes that have been repealed or abolished that penalize consensual sex between the same sex.

Individuals who receive a warning or conviction but are cancelled under the plan will be automatically pardoned, and anyone who died before the change will be pardoned after death.

“Only if the crime is abolished, the conviction for voluntary activities between same-sex couples should also be ignored. This is correct,” British Home Secretary Priti Patel (Priti Patel) said on Tuesday.

I hope that expanded pardons and ignorance plans will help correct past mistakes.

The British government has previously been criticized by various politicians for failing to expand the plan to cover the prosecution of mutually agreed same-sex relationships.

The Conservative Lord Lexdon described the failure to extend the pardon period as “Insult to homosexuals.” Non-affiliated Lord Cashman called for changes to cover those “It has put the lives of gays and bisexuals in trouble.” Patel thanked the two colleagues for raising this issue and promoting the expansion of the plan.

“We are very happy that our long-term campaign will eventually allow many homosexuals, both the living and the dead, to receive the compensation they deserve,” The House of Lords issued a statement after the announcement by the government.

The Ministry of the Interior detailed the requirements that must be met for disregard and pardon, stating that anyone involved must be over 16 years old and that these activities must not constitute a crime today.

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