Blockade protest is described as “violent carnival”-RT World News

The mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Abu Taleb described the anti-blockade protests in his city as a “violent carnival”. The Dutch demonstration turned into a violent riot, and the police opened fire on the protesters.

Aboutaleb described the incident on Friday night as “Violent carnival” After protesters crowded the Coolsingel shopping street in the center of Rotterdam, opposed the ongoing partial blockade, the ban on New Year’s Eve fireworks, and the possibility of a two-tier system of freedom in the Netherlands, one of the freedoms of vaccination and restriction is for those who did not jab people.

The protest quickly got out of control, and the police said on Saturday that 57 people had been arrested. The protesters were seen burning police cars and firing fireworks at the police, and the police responded by shooting them.

Aboutaleb said the police had “Forced” Use their weapons. “In many cases, the police feel it is necessary to pull out their weapons to protect themselves,” He told reporters. “They shot at the protesters and some were injured.”

The police said at least seven people Was injured.Two of them were injured cause He was hit by a police bullet and the victim is still in the hospital. A police officer was hospitalized, and several others were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

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