Biden secures bipartisan victory through infrastructure voting

President Biden on Saturday marked an important step forward on the difficult path of formulating his comprehensive economic agenda. He praised the passage of bipartisan infrastructure legislation and urged his party to also develop another measure to expand social security. Internet and combating climate change.

“Finally, the sausage is ready,” he said at the White House, and he was visibly relieved after months of negotiations on Capitol Hill.

Biden called this infrastructure measure an “important step forward,” which includes more than $1 trillion for roads, bridges, broadband Internet access, clean drinking water and other projects.

But it also reflects the fulfillment of one of Biden’s campaign promises-as a man with decades of experience in Washington, he can bring compromise and normalcy to a country paralyzed by partisan quarrels.

Republican cadres in both the House of Representatives and the Senate supported this infrastructure measure and received almost unanimous support from the Democrats.

Biden encouraged lawmakers to explain to skeptical voters that “there is not enough money to do this, or there is too much money to do that, but in general this is a huge benefit”, this kind of half-cup half-full Controversy has been rare in this era. Increased polarization.

This victory was also a chance for Biden to make fun of his predecessor, former President Trump, although he did not name him.

Biden began his speech with a phrase from the Trump era-“Infrastructure Week”, which became a symbol of the former president’s failure to commit to investment in infrastructure during his four-year term. “I’m glad to say that,” Biden said with a smile.

He said that the legislation will help balance the economic competitive environment by creating more job opportunities for those without a college degree.

“For everyone at home, who feel left behind and forgotten in the rapidly changing economy, this bill is for you,” he said.

The House vote took place a few days after the Democrats lost the governor’s office in Virginia and barely survived in New Jersey with disappointing results, which convinced the party that voters need to see progress on Biden’s agenda.

“They want us to deliver, they want us to deliver, they want us to deliver,” Biden said. “Last night we proved that we can. We delivered a large item.”

Biden said he plans to hold a signing ceremony with Democrats and Republicans soon.

Despite the victory, Biden’s agenda and his party are entering a delicate moment. The Progressive Democrats reluctantly agreed on Friday to pass infrastructure measures while deferring safety net legislation until later this month because they believe the moderates will support it by then.

Failure will split the Democrats on Capitol Hill and make them less likely to fulfill their campaign promises.

Biden said he is confident of getting votes for the measure. When asked what makes him confident, he smiled and replied-“I.”

Negotiations on safety net legislation have been difficult, and Biden’s original US$3.5 trillion plan has been reduced to US$1.85 trillion. This measure will provide funding for universal preschool classes, subsidize childcare and expand public health care. More funds will be invested in clean energy tax credits.

“We are now vigorously turning things around,” he said. “Any element of the plan will be a fundamental change for the United States. But taken together, they are really important.”

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