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Yang will become the first black woman in American history to hold a budget and policy position in the White House.

US President Joe Biden announced that he will nominate Saranda Young to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget, an influential position responsible for formulating the policies of the entire US government.

Yang has been the acting director of OMB for eight months. Once confirmed by the U.S. Senate, she will become the first black woman to hold this position.

Biden said in a prepared video released by the White House on Wednesday that Yang “not only will be a very qualified director, she will also become a director with a long history.”

When Yang was appointed, Biden’s Democrats had a small majority in Congress and faced a deadline to pass new legislation to fund government agencies.

As part of the executive branch, OMB, which manages the federal budget, will play a key role in Biden’s $1.2 trillion implementation Infrastructure expenditure Plan and his Rebuild better 1.75 trillion US dollars in social and clean energy spending proposals.

Yang previously served as the chairman of the Democrats on the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, which was responsible for drafting all spending legislation.

On March 23, the two-party Senate voted 63-37 to confirm Yang as the deputy director of OMB. Biden said he and congressional leaders were “impressed” by Yang’s handling of work as acting director.

When Biden’s first nominee, Neera Tanden, was opposed in the Senate because of his previous work as a member of the Democratic Party, Yang became the acting OMB director.

Tanden was the former first lady and senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the policy director of the administration of former President Barack Obama.

After the Senate Refusal to confirm Tanden is the director of OMB, and Biden appointed her as a senior adviser. She belongs to his inner circle of the White House and does not require Senate confirmation.

Biden said on Wednesday that he will appoint Nani Coloretti as deputy director of OMB to succeed Young. Coloretti is currently the senior vice president of the Urban Research Institute, a non-governmental organization advocating the promotion of urban development in the United States.

As a Filipino-American, Coloretti previously held management positions in the Obama Administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Finance.

Biden delivers on 2020 campaign promise priority Appoint women and ethnic minorities to important administrative positions. Biden called Young and Coloretti “two extraordinary women who made history” on Wednesday.

At the same time, Congress faced Until December 3 Renew funding for the US government, or federal agencies will be forced to suspend operations.The United States faces a second critical deadline in December, when the Treasury Department Borrowing rights If Congress does not take action to extend it, the financial market deadline will expire.


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