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After the German Federal Election Czar filed a formal complaint about irregularities in the parliamentary vote held two months ago, some voters in the German capital Berlin may have to vote again.

Official Georg Thiel said that this election-the Berliners determine the composition of the German parliament, the Bundestag, and the representatives of selected cities-was harmed by violations in numerous polling stations.

The most common problems are the shortage of votes and long queues, with waiting times of up to two hours. In some cases, voters have also seen voting after the close of voting at 6 pm-the time when all polling stations should be closed.Thiel, who oversees elections at the federal level, believes that all the above reasons are sufficient to raise objections in the German capital and local media. Report on Friday.

Thiel has identified six constituencies in Berlin. Irregularities in these constituencies are said to be rampant and may lay the foundation for the city’s re-election.

A special Bundestag committee is now reviewing Thiel’s complaint to see if the reported violations violated German law or election procedures. However, for repeated voting, at least one violation must be deemed serious enough to affect the distribution of seats in the Bundestag.

In the election on September 26, the conservatives of the outgoing prime minister Angela Merkel suffered a historic blow, and the Social Democrats topped the list. Since then, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) has been in joint negotiations with the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, and the three are expected to announce a preliminary agreement as early as next week.

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