Belgium complicit in murder of popular African leader, book claims-RT World News

New evidence shows that Belgium turned a blind eye to its officials when they planned the assassination of Burundi’s Prime Minister Prince Louis Rwagasol in 1961

New evidence shows that Belgium was “overwhelmingly responsible” for the killing of Burundi’s popular leader, Prince Louis Rwagasol, who sought to unite the country’s ethnic groups in the process of breaking away from colonial rule.

In October 1961, the 29-year-old son of a former king, Rwagasol, was elected prime minister by an overwhelming advantage and was assassinated a few weeks later. According to archive records disclosed by the organization, the Belgian ruling elite planned the shooting, but Brussels turned a blind eye to it. Flemish sociologist Ludo De Witte.

Although the gunman, a Greek national and five accomplices were executed, DeWitt stated that the investigations by the Belgian Colonial Court, the Independent Government of Burundi, and the United Nations all ignored Belgium’s role in the killing, which led to decades of war and race. Tension and instability.

De Witte published his findings in a book titled “Murder in Burundi.” ) Said at a post-election crisis meeting held by senior Belgian officials and allies, “Rwagasol must be killed.”

According to the author, the CDC treats his words as an invitation. In an investigation conducted by the Brussels prosecutor in 1962, Renier’s remarks were apparently confirmed by four people at the meeting. But the report was not released until DeWitt discovered it during a five-year investigation into the murder.

It seems that Britain is at least aware of the dangers facing Rwagasore. James Murray, the British ambassador at the time, wrote in a report in 1962 that the influential Belgian “An almost pathological hatred” Charismatic leader, they think he will damage relations between Belgium and Burundi.Murray pointed out that Renier’s “Words… go very far in the direction of inciting murder,” According to DeWitt.

The book also accused the then Belgian Foreign Minister Paul-Henri Spaak-today hailed as the founding father of the European Union-for ignoring Renier and other accomplices. “Basis of War” With Rwa Gasol.It also accused King Baudouin, he “Moving the world” Reduce the assassin’s death sentence to life imprisonment.

Last October, a special committee investigating Belgian colonial history admitted that it paid “Limited Attention” Burundi and Rwagasol were killed. De Witte attributed this to “silence” Among the elite of the country “face the reality” colonization.

At the same time, a spokesperson for the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to the allegations in the letter, but told the Guardian that the government is awaiting the parliament’s advice before taking a policy stance.

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