#BareShelvesBiden Trends on U.S. Supply Issues — Action News Now

As the U.S. supply shortage continues, conservatives accuse President Biden of leaving the shelves empty.

#BareShelvesBiden has become one of the hottest political topics on Twitter, because Americans have posted photos of empty supermarket shelves amid continuing supply chain problems in the United States.

Angry social media users showed pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets across the United States and blamed the supply problem on President Joe Biden, an American complain, “I think I am in a third world country.”

Conservative commentator and Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec seems to be the first to initiate a social media campaign to encourage critics of the 46th president to post photos of themselves.

Biden’s supporters fought back against the campaign and posted that they were in the local supermarket and debate A similar shortage occurred under the leadership of former President Donald Trump.

Liberal commentator Caroline Orr Bueno even hinted that the tag was organized by robots and called on Twitter “investigation” How it became a trend.

The United States has been plagued by supply chain problems, rising fuel prices and heavy burdens. inflation Since Biden took office in January 2021.

Last week, Biden suggestion He realized that meat prices have risen so much after a family friend complained about the increase in meat prices in the United States. “A pound of hamburger meat is more than $5.”

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