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Clinics in the Salzburg region of Austria set up a special evaluation team to identify Covid patients with a higher chance of survival; the rest may soon retreat to the second line.

According to Austrian media reports, with the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus cases, medical staff warned that they may soon have to make heartbreaking choices about which patients can get life-saving treatment and which patients must wait. The intensive care unit in the Salzburg area was full, and the number of patients treated there on Tuesday set a new grim record, reaching 33. This area is the worst-hit area in Austria, with more than 1,500 new infections per 100,000 residents in a week. When sending an emotional request to the local government, the head of the Salzburg Hospital warned that soon the clinic may not be able to guarantee the current level of medical standards. A representative of the city clinic likened this situation to “Hit the wall.

The governor of the region, Wilfried Haslauer, announced on Tuesday that some Covid patients whose conditions are no longer life-threatening will be transferred from hospitals to rehabilitation centers to make room for more serious cases.

In neighbouring Upper Austria, the situation is not much better. The death toll in the intensive care unit exceeds all previous Covid waves. Speaking on the condition of anonymity to the Der Standard newspaper in Austria, the medical staff there said they had free beds”Because the infected person is dying.

Currently, the establishment of the so-called “triage team” in the Salzburg Hospital is described as “Precaution.“The team consists of six people: a legal expert and five providers from different medical disciplines. If it is imminent, they will decide which patients have a chance and which treatments have a low chance of success.

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