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Only three days after the announcement of restrictions on unvaccinated Austrians, as the Covid-19 infection rate continues to hit record highs, a governor is urging to lock down all residents nationwide.

“If a nationwide blockade is not ordered tomorrow, then from next week, Upper Austria and our neighboring province Salzburg will definitely have to blockade for several weeks.” Thomas Stelzer, the governor of Upper Austria, told lawmakers on Thursday.

This means that a few days after Austria created a two-tier society by blocking approximately 2 million unvaccinated Austrians, at least two of the nine Austrian provinces will be in full lockdown mode.

“We must increase the vaccination rate. It is shamelessly low,” British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alexander Schallenberg said on Sunday that he announced that unvaccinated residents can only “basic” Purpose, such as buying groceries or going to a doctor’s office.

The police are now conducting random checks on vaccination certificates on Austrian streets. Those unvaccinated residents who are found to have violated the lockdown order will face a hefty fine of up to 500 euros. Those who refuse to undergo vaccination checks will have to pay approximately three times the cost.

Stelzer and other Austrian governors are scheduled to meet with Schallenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein on Friday, when a total lockdown may be considered.

The country’s new Covid-19 cases surpassed 15,000 for the first time on Thursday, far exceeding the 2020 daily high of 9,586 cases, when no vaccine was available. Upper Austria and Salzburg were the hardest hit, and there was a risk of shortage of clinical places in hospitals. Approximately 66% of Austria’s population has been vaccinated, which lags behind other Western European countries in terms of Covid-19 vaccination rates.

Although Austria was the first country to impose a lockdown on people who have not been vaccinated, other EU countries-including Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Greece-have imposed stricter restrictions on people who have not yet received the Covid vaccine.

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