Australian Defence Minister “harmed” means that tweets win court proceedings-RT World News

The Australian Minister of Defense received tens of thousands of dollars in damages after claiming that a six-word Twitter post caused him deep “harm and pain”. The judge ruled that the tweet was defamatory.

On Wednesday, the Australian court agreed to compensate Defense Minister Peter Dutton (Peter Dutton) for a short Twitter post of US$25,000 (A$35,000), which is far below the maximum limit allowed by the law because the judge determined that the official was slandered. But it did not affect his daily life.

Although problematic tweets “There is no doubt that it is a serious slander,” Dutton “It did not claim that he suffered more serious consequences as a result of the tweet, nor did he even claim that his injury and pain lasted until the day of the trial,” Judge Richard White said in his ruling.

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Originally published in February by the immigration activist Shane Bazzi, and later shown to Dutton by one of his staff, the tweets deleted thereafter condemned that the minister was “Rape defender.” The activist shared a 2019 article in which Dutton was quoted as saying that some refugees who claimed to be rape victims were just “Try it on,” Implying that they lied to obtain asylum in Australia.

Although Dutton pointed out that he was familiar with “political turmoil”, He said the questionable tweet made him so “Deep Offense” The litigation is orderly.

As far as Bazzi is concerned, he was disappointed with the ruling in another tweet on Wednesday afternoon-this tweet is a bit longer than six words.

“We are very disappointed with the results. We will take time to consider our options. Thank you for your support and unity,” The activist wrote and added “I ask you to respect my privacy at this time.”

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