Australia says China’s actions contradict peaceful rhetoric

The defense minister stated that there is a “major disconnect” between China’s words and deeds.

The Australian Defense Minister said on Friday after a Chinese warship sailed through the country’s exclusive economic zone that China’s “shocking” actions were inconsistent with its remarks about promoting peace and prosperity in the region.

Secretary of Defense Peter Dutton listed China’s Militarization The South China Sea issue, the recent invasion and introduction of Taiwan Hong Kong National Security Law As an example of China’s actions failing to match its rhetoric.

“We are all familiar with the Chinese government’s frequent claims that it is committed to peace, cooperation and development,” Dutton said in a speech in Canberra.

“However, we have witnessed a serious disconnect between words and deeds. We are paying close attention to the increasingly shocking activities of the Chinese government.”

The Chinese Embassy in Canberra stated that Dutton distorted China’s foreign policy, misled the Australian people, and “incited conflict and division between the people and the country.”

“It is hard to imagine that China-Australia relations will show good momentum… if the Australian government builds its national strategy on this blind analysis and outdated mentality,” it said in a statement.

The relationship between the two countries reached their lowest point in 2020, when Canberra supported the United Nations in investigating the origin of COVID-19, which first appeared in Wuhan, China two years ago.

Dutton mentioned China’s increasingly tough propositions in the South China Sea, which blocked the Philippines in the Southeast Asian countries’ own exclusive economic zones. [File: Jay Director/AFP]

China responded by cutting off ministerial ties and Impose high tariffs Australia’s exports of wine, barley, beef, coal and seafood effectively invalidated the 2015 Free Trade Agreement. Australia and its ally, the United States, referred to this move as “economic coercion.”

Dutton’s remarks came when Australia confirmed that it monitored a Chinese intelligence ship that sailed in Australia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in August, but did not sail in Australian territorial waters.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the ship was the second ship of its kind to be monitored off the coast of Australia in a few months and was sailing legally.

Morrison told reporters in Adelaide: “But don’t think we are not paying attention to them because they have been paying attention to us.”

“It shows that no one can be complacent about the situation in the Indo-Pacific region.”

In September, a new security agreement was reached between Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, called Aucos, Is widely regarded as an attempt to strengthen regional military power in the face of China’s growing presence. China calls AUKUS a threat to world peace.

China has also been demonstrating its prowess in the South China Sea, and its Coast Guard ships this month Fire water cannon On a Philippine supply ship in the exclusive economic zone of a Southeast Asian country located in Renai Reef and prevented entry. It also asked the Philippines to dismantle a military outpost there — claiming that the shoal is its territory.

Manila refused and pointed to the 2016 ruling of the arbitration court supported by the United Nations Refused China’s claim for sovereignty over almost the entire sea area under its rather controversial nine-dash line.


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