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The Prime Minister of the country announced that Greece will soon ban unvaccinated residents from entering a series of public places, claiming that its current Covid outbreak is mainly caused by unvaccinated people.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday that from next week, people who have not been vaccinated will be banned from entering restaurants, cafes, theaters, bars, gyms and museums, and other indoor public places, and pointed out that they will no longer accept negative Covid-19 tests. As an alternative to proof of vaccination.

“This is indeed an unvaccinated epidemic,” He said when announcing the move in a televised speech, adding that “Greece is mourning unnecessary losses because it simply does not have the vaccination rates of other European countries.”

The new regulations will take effect on Monday and will require Greeks to present vaccine certificates to businesses and other indoor places to gain access. However, people attending religious ceremonies are a rare exception, as they will only be required to take a negative test before they can enter churches or other places of worship.

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Austria may also block vaccinated people

In order to encourage older people (people who are more susceptible to Covid-19) to receive booster vaccines, citizens over 60 years of age will be required to renew their certificates after seven months.

According to Reuters, although officials had hoped that 70% of the 11 million people in Greece would be fully vaccinated before the fall, the current figure is about 62%. As the number of weekly cases continues to soar to record highs, the country reported 7,317 new Covid-19 infections and 63 deaths on Thursday, bringing the total to more than 860,000 and approximately 17,000 deaths since the pandemic began at the end of 2019 .

The new restrictions in Greece reflect similar policies implemented elsewhere in Europe. Austria, Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have all imposed restrictions on the public life of unvaccinated people. Although the Austrian government recently imposed a total lockdown on millions of unvaccinated residents, some officials in the country are pushing for tougher policies, including a national stay-at-home order for those who have been stabbed and those who have not been stabbed.

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