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French leader Emmanuel Macron reportedly criticised for choosing city to host new cartoon museum

President Macron has reportedly chosen Paris to host a future exhibition of European news cartoons and satires. The announcement marks the seventh anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo terror attack and solidarity rally.

Emmanuel Macron will officially unveil the host city in a speech to the President’s Press Association on Tuesday, according to media reports. This will come seven years after a massive national solidarity rally in Paris in response to the terror attack on the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Two million people, including dozens of world leaders, took part in the demonstrations, with nearly four million rallies across France.

French Culture Minister Frank Riester announced plans to create a new museum in 2020, five years after the January 7, 2015, attack that killed 12 people. The minister explained that the project will promote political cartoon art,”A powerful form of expression and creativity,” and also helps support artists.

The statement echoes Macron’s defense of the political cartoon genre, which he made after discovering that the Charlie Hebdo tragedy was likely linked to the magazine’s depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

Paris is vying with Limoges and Strasbourg to host the museum, which will have an annual budget of 2 million euros ($2.27 million). According to French media citing sources at the Elysee Palace, the bid was rejected because Limoges was considered too far from the capital and Strasbourg needed additional investment.

Limoges, which had hoped to “combine” its existing international comics salon with the new museum, was unhappy with Macron’s decision to choose Paris as the host city, accusing him of”centralism in paris. “

Centralism in Paris will never suffocate the country!Contempt decision for rural areas,” tweeted Jean-Claude Leblois, president of the Haute Vienne provincial assembly.

To quote the Elysee Palace, Paris was chosen as “thehumble“The 2000 sqm museum is not only for cost savings, but also because it is the city”The site of the attack is also home to many media and journalism schools.

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