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On January 6, Trump plans to hold a press conference. It is expected that he will be stolen in the 2020 election. The rebellion a year ago was actually peaceful. He-not Biden-repeated lies. The officially elected president .

He canceled the press conference at the urging of the Republican Party and is now expected to spread these lies at his rally in Arizona next week. There is no doubt that he will be loyal to himself, deny any wrongdoing, and accuse the Democratic Party of continuing to undermine his presidency and all the ills facing the United States today.

Trump is a unique and dangerous person; he wants to consolidate his absolute control over the Republican Party, awaken his followers, and instill hatred of the Democratic Party. Of course, if he decides to run again, he will certainly do it for him.​​​ The re-election campaign raises sufficient funds.

In addition, the Arizona rally will be his first involvement in the midterm elections, aimed at awakening the general public of the Republican Party and regaining the status of the House of Representatives and the Senate as the forerunners of the 2024 election.

The tragedy of the Trump phenomenon is that the elected leader of the Republican Party ignored his corruption, failed re-election, twice impeachment, and faced multiple criminal charges, and still followed him religiously. .

In fact, no former president in American history can maintain control of the party like Trump. No Republican Party has given up its moral and constitutional responsibilities and voluntarily succumbed to a crazy arrogant, misogynist, and liar. How can this happen and why? The answer is Trump and Republicans’ greedy desire for power.

The Republican Party has become a minority party. In a free and fair election, the Republican Party cannot win nationwide. In terms of demographics, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and other minorities currently account for more than 40% of the U.S. population. They are expected to become the majority by 2045, and they mainly vote for the Democratic Party.

In general, even at present, if they go out to vote collectively, they can refuse the Republican Party to occupy the White House again.

The Republican Party faces two choices: one is to adapt to changing demographic realities and develop a socio-economic plan that meets the needs of people of color (POC) without sacrificing most of their conservative ideologies.

This includes lowering taxes, especially for those with an annual income of less than $200,000, immigration reforms, the Republican Party has long recognized the need to address this issue, and will help outreach, especially for Hispanic voters, and through Tax breaks and other ways to support financial incentives for minority small business owners will not lead to further government spending.

The second option is to prevent or make it extremely difficult for POCs to exercise their voting rights through various abominable measures. State after state is passing discriminatory rules, including dividing electoral districts by race and restricting early voting. This has a particularly large impact on black Americans, who are more likely to vote early than any other ethnic or racial group (whether by voting in person or by mail) And absentee voting) ballots), enact a voter ID law, even if voter fraud is extremely rare, and those without a valid ID are a disproportionate POC, and authorize state legislators to reverse their elections and manipulate the electoral college to their advantage .

Sadly, if it were not a tragedy, the Republicans chose the latter option. Many Republicans simply believe that POCs are illegal citizens and should not be able to vote and have power because they are afraid of making laws against whites accurately or in other ways, just as whites enact discriminatory laws against POCs. In their view, America was founded by white people, and they were afraid when they thought of America becoming darker and darker day by day.

They need a leader who is paranoid, shameless, rude, unscrupulous, moral, but courageous-a performer who can influence a large audience with lies and sneer faces. Republicans need him to push their agenda without worrying about public repercussions. He needs the party to satisfy his ego to exercise his original power and give him full support when he decides to run again.

We are still shocked by the violent attack on the Capitol on January 6 to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Trump incited his followers to attack the Capitol, preparing to crush our democracy, just to indulge in his authoritarian impulse.

In its determination to seize power, the Republican Party basically ignored or played down the riots, choosing chaos and violence instead of voting, even at the expense of tearing up our democratic system. What does this mean for the Republican Party? 52% of Republicans say that the insurgents are trying to protect democracy. This is ironic and deeply disturbing.

The most ominous news that must be repeated loudly and clearly is that if Trump’s party fails to win the 2022 election, they will incite violence, because anyone who listens carefully to the many remarks of the reckless Republican leader It can be clearly distinguished.

In this case, although Trump will not publicly encourage his followers to resort to violence to sabotage the election results at the rally, the message to them will be loud and clear.

The transformation of the Republican Party since the rise of Trump in 2016, from a patriotic pro-democracy party to a white supremacist party willing to destroy it just to stay in power, cannot be overstated.

Thousands of Republican leaders should follow in the footsteps of Representative Liz Cheney. They stand up against Trump and support the truth, and still save our democracy by accepting reality and being honest with their followers.

The election of Biden made the country hope to maintain our democracy and solve the political and social issues that have swept the country, especially during Trump’s tenure in the White House. But to solve these ills, the Democrats must spare no effort to preserve the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, because this will be the most important one in more than a century.

In fact, if the Republican Party manages to retake the two houses of Congress, our democracy will slide to the precipice of disintegration, and authoritarianism will creep in, and Biden’s agenda will be shattered.

The Democrats did a good job for them. They must work together, which is still lacking, spare no effort to strengthen voting rights, prevent appointed parties from subverting elections, combat political corruption at all levels, reduce political power to rely on money, roll out votes, and eliminate obstruction to the passage of voting rights bills. .

In addition, they must hold accountable the traitors behind the January 6 rebellion, including Trump.

Democrats and millions of law-abiding Republicans should sound the alarm before it is too late and never waver to maintain and protect the 244-year-old democracy of the United States, which is a beacon of hope and freedom in the global society.

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir He is a retired professor of international relations at the New York University (NYU) Center for Global Affairs. He has taught courses in international negotiation and Middle East studies for more than 20 years.

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