Alec Baldwin explains why he hasn’t handed over his phone yet-Action News Now

Alec Baldwin denied that he refused to comply with the search warrant for his mobile phone while investigating the shooting of photographer Harina Hutchins, thinking that the authorities must tell him what they want from his device.

in a video Baldwin said it was posted on Instagram on Saturday “Any suggestions regarding my failure to comply with requests or orders or demands or search warrants regarding my mobile phone” Yes “Nonsense**” and “A lie.”

Last month, a search warrant for Baldwin’s cell phone was issued in New Mexico after Hutchins was killed on the set of the Western movie “Rust” filmed in New Mexico. Although Baldwin claimed that he never pulled the trigger, the photographer was shot after the gun in Baldwin’s hand fired. Despite the search warrant, the authorities in New Mexico and New York are still working to restore Baldwin’s equipment in search of potential evidence.

“This is the process by which one country makes a request to another country. People from another state cannot come to you and say, “Give me your phone, give me this, give me that. “They can’t do that,” Baldwin claimed on Saturday. “They have to go through the state where you live. This is a process that takes time.”

Baldwin argued that the authorities in New Mexico will “Must state exactly what they want” like them “You can’t just send your photos or love letters to your wife through your phone.”

The Hollywood actor stated that once the authorities make a specific request, and once the request is approved by the New York authorities, he will “definitely no problem” Follow the search.

In the video, Baldwin also lashed out at “Right-wing rag” and “Hateful Man” Reported on the investigation into the shooting and commented “The only way we can commemorate the death of Harina Hutchins is to find out the truth.”

Baldwin said he wanted to make sure that the authorities “They went to great lengths to find out what really happened.”

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