Ajman, UAE warns of penalties for repeated coronavirus infections | Coronavirus Pandemic News

Federal employees in the Emirate of Ajman will not receive paid sick leave if they are twice exposed to COVID-19.

The Emirate of Ajman has warned government employees that they will be penalized for second contact with anyone infected with COVID-19 – if that happens, they won’t get paid sick leave if they have to quarantine.

UAE has one Vaccination The infection rate among eligible residents is 99%, and the virus has caused fewer than 2,200 total deaths, but the spread of the virus Omicron The global variant has pushed the daily number of infections higher.

The UAE, home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, saw daily cases jump from about 50 a day in early December to more than 2,600 a day this week.

In an effort to limit the spread of the virus, Ajman’s human resources department issued a circular with a list of no-nos that would lead to pay cuts, ranging from one-day pay cuts to 10-day pay cuts for repeat offenders.

list of crimes

The UAE-based newspaper The Nation reported that the crimes listed included not wearing a mask, being in crowded places, shaking hands with others and going to the office after coming into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus.

If supervisors fail to ensure employees are following the rules, they will also have their wages withheld.

A federal employee who was in close contact with an infected person in Ajman was reportedly required to quarantine for a week or work remotely.

In addition, employees who come into contact with an infected person for the second time and who need to quarantine or take unpaid leave are also required to take annual leave.