Airlines will not fly passengers home when the video shows them masked and partying on a flight to Mexico: “It’s a slap in the face.”

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau called the videos of the party on a recent Sun Wing Airlines flight from Montreal to Cancun, Mexico a “slap in the face” for those who tried to stay safe. The global epidemic And on Wednesday, the Canadian airline regulator said it was investigating. After videos of the incident went viral, several airlines refused to repatriate them, Canadian Press Reports.

Videos of the December 30 flight, shared on social media, show passengers not wearing masks as they gather nearby, singing and dancing in the corridors and seats. A video shows a large bottle of vodka passing between passengers and a woman later seen smoking an electronic cigarette on a plane.

The plane was reportedly chartered and some passengers were members of Quebec’s reality television shows.

“It’s a slap in the face to see people being completely irresponsible and putting themselves, their fellow citizens and airline workers at risk,” Trudeau said.

“This is a situation that Transport Canada takes very seriously and we are pursuing it.”

Trudeau promised a full investigation.

“Like Canadians who have seen these videos, I’m very disappointed,” he said.

Canadian Press Reports Snowing Airlines canceled a return flight for a group of passengers, and Air Canada issued a statement saying: It is refusing to board to ensure safety and its staff. “

Air Transat followed, posting Twitter “They will be denied boarding based on our legal and regulatory obligations to ensure the safety of both our passengers and crew, which is our top priority.”

Transport Canada has contacted the airline, and said passengers violating the department’s regulations could face fines of up to کی 5,000 ($ 3,938) for each violation.

Rena Casfalvi, local head of the union, which represents about 1,000 Sun Wing flight attendants, said Sun Wing is the only major Canadian airline that does not offer a rapid test to cabin crew, a move that would make them The idea must be.

Casfalvi says 50 percent of his colleagues have fallen ill in the past month due to possible COVID-19 symptoms.