Ahmed Abery Case: Celebrity’s Reaction to Conviction

After the Georgia jury Three white men found guilty On Wednesday, February 2020, 25-year-old black Ahmad Arbery was killed. The celebrity’s social media reaction reflected relief, sympathy and lingering anger.

Travis McMichael, 35, shot and killed after McMichael, his father, and a neighbor were chasing Arbery in a shotgun-wielding pickup truck Jogger, was convicted of all crimes, including the highest charge of malicious murder.

65-year-old Gregory McMichael was convicted of felony murder, and 52-year-old William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. was also convicted of felony. The three were also convicted of multiple crimes, including serious assault, illegal imprisonment and attempted felony.

“Of course,” actor Viola Davis (Viola Davis) Tweet Then speak to Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones. “To Wanda… Ahmed Abery’s mother… Your son is very important. His life is very important. I pray that this will bring you a little peace. For the jurors…very Thank them for doing the right thing. The pendulum of justice is swinging in the right direction!!!”

“As you digest the guilty verdict of the murderer of Ahmed Abery, please remember that this is not justice, but accountability,” Tweet Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL player, once wrote “Uncomfortable Dialogue with Black People.” “Justice means true restoration, which is impossible in this case, but this is the accountability system that is the first step towards justice.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin Tweet, “It’s so gratifying to see justice done”, and the musician Richard Marx Tweet“Thanks to the McMichael jury, they actually found the murderer guilty of murder.”

Comedy Michael Rappaport Call The defendant “sick animals” also pointed out that in the Spectrum News video, he tweeted, “They look harmless with glasses and suits, right?”

“Just a reminder that these people were only arrested after people shared their video of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, and then more people asked for services,” comic W. Kamau Bell Tweet“Again, activism is working!”

“The second good court decision in two weeks… Hallelujah. Ahmed Abery and Kyle Rittenhouse. Let them in,” Tweet Actor Kirsty Avery.

“Justice”, actor Jamila Jameel wrote, Follow up later reply And, “I’m glad these people can’t bring harm to others now. They must rot and remember what they did.”

The minimum penalty for murder is life imprisonment. Sentencing in this case Not yet scheduled.

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