Ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations, the team is more disturbed by COVID | Football News

Four days before the start of the game, positive cases, travel plans were postponed and the warm-up game was cancelled.

This Coronavirus pandemic Before the African Cup of Nations caused more disruptions, Senegal postponed their trip to Cameroon and Burkina Faso, and they will miss players in their first game on Sunday.

Senegal is the most popular team in this tournament. After its delegation suspected a positive case, it postponed its travel plan.

Burkina Faso quarantined the three players in Abu Dhabi before arriving in Yaoundé on Sunday to face Cameroon.

Officials said Issoufou Dayo, Dramane Nikiema and Kylian Nikiema will be allowed to travel after returning to a negative test and will almost certainly miss Sunday’s game.

Cape Verde, like Senegal, has been conducting pre-match training at home. He said coach Bubista tested positive for COVID-19 and was quarantined before they planned to leave on Thursday.

Although a statement from the Football Association stated that five players received training again, three were quarantined, and eight other players tested positive without any symptoms, their preparations received 21 positives from players and staff.​​​ The impact of detection.

According to media reports, Tunisian team captain Yusuf Msakni and forward Saifiddin Jaziri tested positive. The friendly match between the Ivorian and Mali in Jeddah ended with a positive case in the Ivorian camp.

Malawi went to Cameroon on Wednesday, but also left three players behind in isolation.

Defender Mark Fodia, midfielder Charles Petro and forward Richard Mbreu remain in Saudi Arabia and will be retested on Thursday.

A statement from the Football Association said that if their test results are negative, they will leave on Friday.

Côte d’Ivoire was forced to cancel the second warm-up match at the Saudi Arabia training base.

The 33rd Africa Cup of Nations will be held from January 9th to February 6th.

The game was originally scheduled to be held in 2021, but it was postponed twice due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.