After the president vowed to “anger” non-toxic people, the protests became bigger and bigger-Action News Now


Macron’s words may be counterproductive, because large crowds took to the streets of France, promising to annoy him

At least 100,000 people took to the streets of France to protest the Covid-19 restrictions and authorizations, after President Macron promised to make the lives of unvaccinated people increasingly difficult until they receive the jab.

The crowd on Saturday was about four times bigger than it was on December 18. according to The police estimate. Among other things, the protesters opposed an almost implemented government plan that required proof of vaccination against Covid-19 when using public transportation, eating in restaurants and attending events.

French National Assembly pass through A bill this week, if approved by the Senate, would introduce a so-called “vaccine pass” to replace the existing “health pass.” According to current regulations, if the PCR or antigen test is negative, you can get a 24-hour pass. However, the vaccine pass will only be issued to those who have recently recovered or are fully vaccinated against Covid.

The crowd in Paris alone is at least 18,000, and the protesters heard chanting slogans “We want to piss you off!” Refer to Macron’s controversial comment. According to reports, ten protesters were arrested and three policemen were injured in a scuffle in the capital. According to reports, at least two dozen people have been detained during protests in other cities in France.

Macron said in an interview with The Parisian on Tuesday, “I’m not trying to anger the French. But for those who have not been vaccinated, I really want to anger them.”

Macron revealed, continue “anger” Unvaccinated French “To the end” is his “strategy,” And boast that there is only one “few” Resist government restrictions.

“How do we reduce those few people? We reduce it by irritating them more-sorry expressions,” The President of France said and explained that the plan included “Put pressure on people who have not been vaccinated by limiting their participation in social activities as much as possible.”