After the jury declared the “Kolston Four” not guilty, the Minister condemned “Mob Rule”-Action News Now

Grant Sharps said the protesters who overthrew the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol should “go through the ballot box”

The British Minister of Transport Grant Sharps reacted angrily to the Bristol jury’s verdict, because the four of them overthrew Edward Coles in the 2020 “Black Man’s Fate” protest. The statue of Edward Colston was saved from criminal damage.

On Thursday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps (Grant Shapps) in an interview with LBC Radio emphasized his anger that the jury cleaned up the four people after the trial in Bristol Crown Court.

The so-called “Colston Four” were charged after they overthrew the statue of Bristol slave trader Edward Kolston during the “Black People’s Fate” protest that spread to the UK in June 2020. Cause criminal damage.

“We must live in a society where people cannot destroy public property everywhere and can stay away from it,” Sharps told the host Nick Ferrari.

The minister stated that the government is taking new measures to ensure that loopholes in the existing legal system are filled.

He said that if someone wants to demolish a statue or change something in the public domain, “this is absolutely legal.”

“But this is done through the ballot box. This is done through petitions to local councillors. Get yourself elected and do it the right way; we can’t let mob rule as the way forward,” He added.

Wednesday’s verdict caused controversy. Some praised the jurors for standing up for a legitimate cause, while others criticized them for failing to uphold the rule of law.

A group of supporters waited outside the court and cheered upon hearing the verdict. One of the acquitted persons bowed to celebrate in front of the assembled media.

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