After the Covid-19 child claims, the Supreme Court judge conducted a fact-checking — Action News Now


She also made headlines for a photo of a party of misidentified Democratic lawmakers.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor claimed in an oral argument on Friday that more than 100,000 children were in a “serious condition” due to Covid-19, and were therefore subject to strong opposition and fact-checking.

According to PolitiFact, Sotomayor’s estimates during the oral debate on President Joe Biden’s vaccine authorization are far from the basics, as fewer than 5,000 children have been hospitalized due to Covid, and the number of hospitalizations since August 2020 Fewer than 100,000 people, the agency labeled her statement as “Incorrect” After strong opposition from social media.

She also claimed that the Omicron variant is “fatal” As a variant of Delta, many health officials disagreed with this statement, including White House health adviser Anthony Fauci, who only stated on Wednesday “Multiple sources of preliminary data” Show one “Decreased severity” With Omron.

Sotomayor also made headlines on Saturday after Politico posted a photo claiming that the Supreme Court justice was out for dinner only a few hours after working remotely from her office on Friday due to the pandemic. Senators Chuck Schumer (New York Democrat), Dick Durbin (Illinois Democrat), Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota Democrat) and Pelosi took a group photo at the French restaurant Le Diplomate in Washington, DC on Friday night. Some are hidden in the picture, and some are not. However, all staff in the restaurant serving lawmakers and people who are alleged to be judges wear masks.

This image resulted in Waves Fresh criticize For Sotomayor, most people mentioned her Covid statement earlier in the day, although Politico later stated “Mistake,” Because the person in the photo is actually Iris Schumer, the wife of the majority leader of the Senate.