After months-long shutdown, country lifts Twitter ban — Action News Now

The social media platform agreed to several conditions to resume operations in Nigeria after being banned for seven months

Nigeria lifted a nationwide ban on Twitter, allowing its 200 million residents to continue using the site after it was shut down for months, and technology officials said the company accepted certain conditions to restart.

The head of Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency, Kasif Inuwa Abdullahi, ordered the ban lifted on Wednesday. Say, noting that the move will take effect Thursday.

“Our actions are an intentional realignment of our relationship with Twitter to achieve the greatest mutual benefit for our country without compromising the company’s legitimate interests. Our engagement has been very respectful, cordial and successful,” The head of the agency continued.

In exchange for ending its ban on the site, Twitter agreed to register itself in Nigeria sometime in the first quarter of this year and appoint a company representative for the country to meet its tax obligations and “Respect Nigerian laws and the culture and history of the country that established such legislation,” Abdullahi said.

Twitter, earlier said the ban “Deeply concerned,” Has not yet commented on the alleged deal, although an unnamed company spokesman quote Said by TechCrunch, it’s eager to see the service “Recovered soon” The most populous country in Africa.

Nigerian government first to suspend Twitter operations “indefinitely” Last June, after the platform deleted a post President Buhari accused of “abuse” Remarks against armed separatist forces active in the southeast of the country.The government said the site was ‘Destroying Nigeria’s corporate presence’ And uphold the president’s right to express himself on security issues.

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