According to reports, the Taliban ordered the decapitation of store mannequins — RT World News

The new ruler of Afghanistan apparently regards the fakes as “idols” that offend Islam

According to media reports, the Taliban have ordered clothing stores in Herat Province, Afghanistan to behead all mannequins because they are “idols.”

According to The Times, the ruling was issued last week by the local office of the Ministry of Virtue and Crime Prevention, which is responsible for implementing the Taliban’s reading of Sharia law in the western provinces.

Officials initially hoped that the shopkeeper would completely remove these dummies, describing them as “statue” That is”worship. “However, shopkeepers opposed this idea, believing that it would adversely affect their already troubled business. The Taliban made concessions and accepted the practice of merely beheading the mannequin, and those who violate the new rules will be severely punished.

A shopkeeper complained in an interview with Italian newspaper “Republika” that the Taliban’s order would mean economic losses for the company, because the cost of each mannequin was between 70 and 100 US dollars.

Judging from unconfirmed videos circulating on social media, one of the men beheaded a mannequin with a hacksaw, and some shopkeepers have chosen to comply with the ruling.

When the Taliban first came to power in the mid-1990s, they were notorious for depriving women of most of their freedom. When the organization took over the country in August last year, it vowed to respect women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law.

However, as months passed, the new rulers imposed more and more restrictions on Afghan women, effectively banning them from receiving secondary education and work. A recent decree of this type, issued in late December last year, prohibits women from traveling 72 kilometers (45 miles) away from home without a man.

UNICEF has also reported some cases of newborn girls being sold by their parents for future marriages because the country has fallen into a severe economic crisis without Western funding to support the previous government.

The extreme religious rule of the Taliban also affects the lives of men. In September last year, the organization banned hairdressers in Helmand from shaving. Drivers are also banned from playing music in their cars and they must now stop for prayer time”Suitable place.

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