Abcarian: The terrible echo of the Trayvon Martin tragedy in the trial of the man who killed Ahmaud Arbery

When i watch the trial Three white people Accused of murdering Ahmed Abery, a young black man was jogging in the coastal suburbs of Georgia. When they attacked him with trucks and guns, I couldn’t help but see The death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, He was killed in a similar situation in Sanford, Florida in 2012.

Trayvon was discovered by George Zimmerman, who was 28 at the time. He was a neighborhood watch captain. He thought Trayvon was not doing well.

In fact, Trayvon was on his way back from a convenience store to his father’s fiancée. He was talking on the phone with his food, drinks and a glass of drink.

Zimmermann called 911 to inform the police that “there are suspicious persons” walking on the sidewalk. What makes Trayvon suspicious?

His skin color?

His hoodie was pulled up?

The 911 operator told Zimmermann to stay in his car and wait for the police. Instead, he followed Trayvon, who told his friend that he was being followed. There was a physical conflict and Zimmermann shot and killed the teenager.

The local police chief did not file an accusation against Zimmerman, saying that he could not refute his self-defense claims.

This decision aroused national outrage, including demonstrations such as the Million Hoodie Parade in New York City. The FBI and the Department of Justice launched an investigation. President Obama weighed it up, and there was a famous saying: “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

After weeks of political pressure, the governor of Florida appointed a special prosecutor to charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder.

In July 2013, a jury of six women, five of whom were white, He was acquitted.


I can never understand how the jury could not see that Zimmermann planned the entire tragedy and was responsible for the situation that caused Trevon’s death.

How can a man follow and terrorize a black teenager, start a fight, be beaten by a frightened child, kill the young man and be found within his power? How does one create an environment that allows him to kill in the name of self-defense?

Nationwide, in Oakland, a black woman named Alicia Garza was shocked by the verdict of Zimmerman.She logged into Facebook and wrote Passionate post, Concluded, “Black people, I love you. Our lives are important.” Her friend Patrisse Cullors in Los Angeles turned this sentiment into a hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter.Their friends Opal Tometti Help them spread information on social media.

Thus was born one of the most important and important social justice movements in the history of our country.

Black people’s fate is also fateAs a series of frustrating, familiar, unarmed blacks were killed, recorded on cell phone cameras and circulated on social media, unfolding week after week, eventually leading to many people in George Floyd (George Floyd) Culminated in his despicable murder, which triggered protests across the country and the world.

It is against this background – people’s awareness of ruthless racist violence, systemic racism, and white privileges – Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and their Neighbor William “Rody” Bryan Jr. is undergoing trial in Green County, Georgia.

The three were charged with the murder of Abery, a former high school football player who was jogging in a community called Satilla Coast near the town of Brunswick. They claimed that they were defending themselves.

Someone saw Abery wandering around the house the neighbor was building. The defendants stated that they believed he was responsible for a series of recent thefts in the vicinity. Their defense attorney claimed They are arresting a citizen, although the co-pilot at the scene testified that Brian told him that he had never said these things to Abery.

according to News report , The police said that in the weeks before the killing, there was a report of an intrusion: Travis McMichael claimed that a gun was stolen from his unlocked truck.

Ten weeks after being killed in Abery, A damn mobile phone video surfaced, Showing the last moments of young people’s lives. It looks like he was boxed in a truck and then killed after trying to push away the shotgun that Travis McMichael trained him.

This video was filmed by Brian. He claimed to be just a bystander, but the prosecutor said he joined the hunt and tried “Restriction and Detention” Abery and his car.

If the video has never been made public, who knows whether an accusation will be filed?

The trial has been tainted by the smell of racism.

The jury consisted of 11 whites and only 1 black. Prosecutors accused the defense of attacking potential black jurors based on their race-which is illegal-but the judge rejected this statement. but, The judge said, “The court found that this appears to be deliberate discrimination.”

On Thursday, during the trial break, one of the defense lawyers opposed the appearance of Pastor Al Sharpton, who was invited by the Abery family.

“We don’t want any more black priests to come in,” Kevin Gough saysWhen he added, he showed even more startling ignorance, “If people come in here wearing a white mask and sitting behind Colonel Sanders, I mean…”

When I hear that kind of even less subtle racism, I can’t help wondering how much the country has changed since the murderer of Trayvon Martin was acquitted.

In the history of the civil rights struggle, is the conviction of George Freud’s murderer just a flash in the pan?

When the Georgia jury, composed mainly of white people, intervenes, we will get the answer.


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