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After the white cliffs of Scala dei Turchi, a famous tourist attraction in Sicily, were destroyed by unknown vandals, the Italian police launched an investigation and they covered it with red dye.

Scala dei Turchi-or “Turkish Steps”-is one of the most popular attractions in Sicily, visited by tourists from Italy and abroad. The site also occupies an important place in the series of “Detective Montalbano” by the late Italian writer Andrea Camilleri and in the Italian TV series of the same name.

The white limestone cliffs are step-shaped, hence the name, and were once a hiding place for Mediterranean pirates. However, the cliff that was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site was painted with red dye on the night of Friday, January 7.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the local police department launched an investigation into the incident, and law enforcement experts managed to find that the red dye was a red iron oxide powder mixed with water. The police are now looking at surveillance camera images in local stores to identify people who may have purchased the substance recently.

This incident aroused the anger of politicians and locals.Sicily President Nello Musumec condemned “The perpetrators of this cowardly behavior,” Who “Shamefully defaced” cliff.

People on social media have also spared no effort to attack the perpetrators, which they describe as “Ignorant Caveman” Who Firm One “criminal” and “mean” behavior.Others say they Yes “furious” and Call Event one “Huge shame.”

On the bright side, people also expressed their support for the local volunteers who started to clean up. The damage does not seem to be permanent, because the lower part of the cliff has been washed away by the waves.

Vandalism does not seem to be the only problem with the site, as it is also affected by natural erosion and a large number of tourists who do not shy away from stealing rock fragments.

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