A Taliban-appointed governor says a car bomb has killed nine children in Afghanistan.

Explosion in the eastern region Afghanistan Nine children were killed and four wounded Monday near the Pakistani border, according to the Taliban-appointed governor’s office. A statement from the governor’s office said the blast occurred when a food truck collided with an old, unexploded mortar shell in Lalupar district of eastern Nangarhar.

No other details were immediately available.

People are praying during the funeral prayers of a bomb blast in eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, killing nine children and wounding nine others, according to the Taliban-appointed governor's office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, January 10. Four were injured.
According to the Taliban-appointed governor’s office in Dzhalal-Abad, Afghanistan, January 10, 2022, people are praying during the funeral prayers for the victim of an explosion in eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, which killed nine children. And four were injured.

AP Photo / Sher Shah Hamdard

The province has been a stronghold for its branches. Isis known as ISIS-K, A terrorist group that claimed responsibility last year. Attack in Kabul Thirteen American soldiers and at least 170 Afghans were killed.

Taliban opponents have carried out a number of attacks targeting Afghanistan’s new rulers since the Taliban. Occupied the country ISIS has been operating in Afghanistan since mid-August 2014, carrying out dozens of horrific attacks, often targeting the country’s minority Shia Muslims.

Afghanistan is one of the countries with the most unexploded ordnance (UXO) from decades of war and conflict. When the ordinance explodes, most of the victims are children.