A glimpse of the most expensive homes for sale in Weston, Florida

Twilight aerial view of 3030 Meadow Lane in Weston, Florida.

Daniel Petroni

The 12,323-square-foot mansion was recently listed for $14 million, making it the most expensive ever listed price in Weston, Florida.

This 27-square-mile city is located approximately 31 miles northwest of Miami in the westernmost part of Broward County. Its northern and western borders are located on both sides of the Florida Everglades.

An aerial view of the Monarch Estate on Lake Weston, Florida.

Daniel Petroni

According to the city’s website, this seven-bedroom, eleven-bathroom lakeside home is located in the Windmill Ranch Estates community. This is Weston’s first residential development, dating back to 1984. According to the Bureau of Economics and Business Research at the University of Florida, Weston has 68,305 people. According to the latest census data, the median household income is $107,908.

“Weston is far away from densely populated city centers such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami, giving it a peaceful suburban feel, but it still allows residents to easily enter the larger city life,” said Senada Azem, The listing agent of the property.

Real estate records show that the most expensive house in Weston’s history was sold for $7 million in 2012. The house is also located in Windmill Ranch Estates and occupies 25,000 square feet at a price of $280 per square foot.

The manicured landscape is arranged along the driveway of the Monarch Manor.

Daniel Petroni

According to listing information, this house at 3030 Meadow Lane was built in 2017 and is about half the size of the record-breaking mansion, but the main price of the property has doubled, which has quadrupled its price per square foot. $1,136.

If the house called Monarch Estate is sold at any price close to its asking price, it will break local records and bring the value of the house to some of the biggest sales in Broward, 25 miles east of Fort Lauderdale The amount is on par. Find the most expensive real estate in the county. According to data from multiple listing services, a beach house in Fort Lauderdale was sold for $23 million in April, breaking the county’s highest sales record.

In terms of background, the average price of a single-family home in Broward County in October was $658,274, an increase of 19.3% from the previous year. According to statistics, the county’s sales totaled 912.4 million U.S. dollars last month. October Market Summary for Miami Realtors.

“Weston owns a share of real estate worth $10 million or more,” Azem said. “Monarch Estate is the first real estate of this size on the market. Given the high demand in the luxury goods industry, we expect that over time, more of these multi-million dollar properties will be available for sale.”

Let’s take a look at what makes this Weston home stand out.

Aerial view of Monarch Manor.

Daniel Petroni

The imperial manor is named after the monarch butterfly, which is attracted by the flowering shrubs planted around the manor.

Adzem said: “Part of the difference between Monarch Estate is that it’s the kind of huge shelter commonly seen in Palm Beach.”

Evening view of the infinity pool and lake.

Daniel Petroni

The residence occupies 1.5 acres, overlooking the lake, with a 93-foot infinity pool, 14-person hot tub, built-in trampoline and half a basketball court.

The core of the house is an open concept layout that seamlessly connects a huge large room, kitchen, and breakfast and dining area. Adzem said the combined space will occupy 2,600 square feet.

The kitchen consists of two large islands, the top is ivory marble, and is equipped with white wooden cabinets with stainless steel appliances.

Breakfast dining area

Daniel Petroni

Retractable floor-to-ceiling glass doors in the large room and breakfast area lead to the veranda and swimming pool.

The lounge area of ​​the air-conditioned veranda at home.

Daniel Petroni

The veranda is a covered open-air terrace, air-conditioned, with a lounge, dining area, barbecue facilities, fireplace and TV. With the push of a button, the open arch of the room can be sealed by what Adzem calls a weatherproof floor-to-ceiling screen.

Soho loft themed bedroom.

Daniel Petroni

One of the home’s seven bedrooms was inspired by the Soho loft in New York City, whose walls are covered with exposed brick, wooden floors and oversized arched windows.

Balcony view

Daniel Petroni

However, the view from the balcony of a New York City-style bedroom is completely different from the Big Apple.

The owner’s suite has a seating area and a fireplace.

Daniel Petroni

The owner’s suite has a seating area with a double-sided fireplace.

Master suite bedroom.

The king-size bed offers manicured views around the pool and lake.

One of two master suite bathrooms.

Daniel Petroni

Next to the owner’s bedroom are a pair of bathtubs covered in Turkish Carrara marble, as well as a pair of steam showers and a soaking bathtub.

One of the two master suites with walk-in closets.

Daniel Petroni

The suite also includes a pair of walk-in closets.

The home theater is equipped with 4K projection, 3D glasses, and Dolby Atmos sound system, which can be guided by 50 speakers hidden in the walls and ceiling and embedded behind the movie screen.

living room

Daniel Petroni

Adzem said the furniture in this house was custom designed and included in the $14 million asking price.

Aerial view from the waterfront.

Daniel Peroni

According to listing information, the monthly maintenance cost is US$289, and the current property tax is US$69,202.

Adzem said: “After the house transaction, the tax will be reset to an estimated annual amount of $245,000.”


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