16 people were killed in an explosion at lunch in the South China Canteen

Authorities say a lunchtime explosion in an office cafeteria in southwestern China on Friday killed 16 people and injured 10 others.

BEIJING – Authorities said a lunchtime explosion occurred in an office cafeteria in southwestern China on Friday, killing 16 people and injuring 10 others.

The Chongqing Municipal Government stated in an online statement that the gas leak was the suspected cause of the explosion.

The cafeteria collapsed and the victim was trapped inside. The official Xinhua news agency said rescuers searched for the wreckage overnight and all the bodies were found until midnight. Xinhua News Agency said one of the survivors was in critical condition.

The explosion at 12:10 pm occurred at a government street office in Wulong District, which is located about 75 kilometers (120 miles) west of downtown Chongqing and is famous for its scenic karst rock formations.