Parse cofounder James Yu leaves Facebook

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February 17, 2017

Parse’s cofounder James Yu has left Facebook. His departure comes nearly four years after Facebook acquired his mobile development platform company in 2013 and less than a month after shutting it down. He plans to take a sabbatical.

In a Facebook post, Yu cites family as a reason for leaving the company. His career has been non-stop, moving from Stanford to Scribd, Dolby, Parse, and Facebook, all the time being “laser-focused” on building out companies. Now he intends to spend time with his family, having coffee with friends, and pondering what’s next.

Yu is the second Parse cofounder to depart Facebook, joining Ilya Sukhar who left in 2015 and ultimately joined Matrix Partners as a venture capitalist after a stint at Y Combinator. One other cofounder, Kevin Lacker, remains at Facebook.

After joining Facebook, Yu remained a part of the Parse team before the decision was made to pull the plug. He then became a product manager, working on the social network’s 360 video and virtual reality initiatives, two significant efforts the company has been undertaking in the past year and likely will continue to be in the future.

It’s unclear who will be replacing Yu as product manager. However, he states that his departure was for personal reasons. In fact, Yu was bullish about the efforts Facebook has coming up in the 360 video and VR space, telling VentureBeat: “They have some insane opportunities ahead.”

We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will update if we hear back.

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